Frequently Asked Questions

Molnee is a self-help platform that puts people in touch with each other to make it easier to send packages or documents around the world.

The founder is Olivier Amici, who lives in Nice, France. For more information, go to our contact or about page.

The green “validated” icon appears at the top right of the profile of verified accounts. For the moment, it is not required to have a verified account on our site, but this could change soon.

You need to go to your account, click on Profile (Profile Settings) and send us your ID card, driving licence or passport in the ID verification tab. Once you have done this, you can send us an email to asking us to validate your profile.

For the time being, and in full transparency, Molnee earns a 15% commission on the total amount of the purchase of a service (transport of package(s) of a traveller and for one request). 1 euro of commission is deducted from the traveller’s kitty for each transaction.

The currency used on our site is the euro (€) but it is possible to pay with all types of card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) or by Paypal. If you pay with a credit card that does not have a bank account in euros, you may have to pay exchange charges (this depends on your bank).

You will receive your money in euros (€). If you do not have a bank account in euros, your money will automatically be exchanged into the currency of your country, subject to an exchange fee.

Go to your Molnee account, then to the Orders tab. Then check the order status. If it is still marked “processing”, the order has been completed and your money will be sent to you once you have finalised your delivery. If nothing appears and the tab: Orders is also missing, please contact the person who placed your order or contact us by email at

Molnee has a payout system, which means that when the order has been placed and delivery has been made, you will receive your money in your Molnee account (Dashboard). If you wish to receive the money in your bank account or via Paypal, you will first need to go to your Profile and fill in the information requested (IBAN-SWIFT/BIC or Paypal), then return to your Dashboard (top left) and request payment. This will be done as soon as possible.

As stated in our general terms and conditions of use, Molnee is not responsible for the products, packages or documents delivered, their correct routing or the quality of the delivery. If a product, package or document is broken, lost or not delivered, the sender must contact the carrier or the traveller to obtain details and find out the reasons for the problem. If the problem has not been resolved, and if conditions allow, we will be able to refund your order in full.

Any other questions?

Don’t hesitate to email us your questions at, we’ll be happy to answer them.

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