Who We Are

Our website is providing an international network of worldwide travellers who ensure a safe delivery of your package/documents (at fair conditions).

Our Mission

Bringing together people from all over the world and guaranteeing quality and, above all, rapid delivery of everything you need.

What We Do

My Story

My idea was born when, living abroad, I felt the urgent need to transfer items and sometimes gifts to friends and family. I regularly used the postal services, which repeatedly let me down and delivered my packages with considerable delay. So I opted to look for people who travelled to the same places and were happy to deliver MY packages at an affordable rate.

After realising that I wasn’t the only one who needed help with urgent deliveries, I started to design my own concept. The aim of this project is to connect people like you and me. From now on, there are no restrictions on time, place or destination. Imagine being able to find people in your vicinity who can take over the delivery of your documents, packages or other items… Interesting, isn’t it?

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